Jerry Bridge

Hi – it’s ‘Travelman’ here, that’s what some of my closest friends, travel industry colleagues and family call me.

Why ‘Travelman?’ – it’s another way of linking what I do, what I believe in and what I am most passionate about whether I’m travelling for business or leisure (although nowadays I have to admit it’s difficult to cut off from work completely when I am away!)

If you would like to read stories about my travels around the world, take advantage of certain travel deals or just catch up on industry news then please click here to read my blog.

Looking back at my past I guess I was either born with it or I caught the ‘travel bug’ in early childhood. After a stint in the merchant navy, the secret service during the Second World War, my father established Swiss Travel Service in 1949 under the company banner of ‘The Bridge Travel Group’ – which was one of the UK’s first tour operations specialising in organised holidays to Europe (click on to his video classic on the home page of World Travel with Bridge, it tells an amazing story!)

My brothers and I regularly travelled with my parents, who would often research new locations and hotels that were later recommended to their clients. This continued throughout my teenage years and by the time I was 18 years old, I had independently hitch-hiked & inter-railed around Europe & Turkey three times.

After I left Swansea university in 1981 I took a couple of years out with my best school friend, Christopher Reeves (no, not Superman!) to explore the culture of nations further afield through India, Asia, and beyond to Australia.

You could say my future was decided for me by these early experiences as I went on to found my own travel businesses ( Bridge the World, Bridge & Wickers and most recently, World Travel with Bridge ) which have provided thousands of satisfied travellers with excellent holidays. I believe that personal attention to detail is of paramount importance as it is only by specialising and doing adequate research into a particular destination that you can truly ensure travellers return having had the best possible holiday experience available.

Nearly thirty years after establishing these businesses my endeavours to source the best locations and search out new possibilities has taken me to the four corners of the world…Over this time I have developed extensive contacts throughout the travel industry, with tourist boards, airlines, hotel groups, hospitality companies, and numerous other experts and operators in this business.

I am frequently asked to address conferences and other seminars, provide consultation, blog, write articles and give broadcast presentations on radio or T.V….and having recently consolidated some of my interests I’ve chosen to spend eight months of the year in New Zealand, which I love!

I am a well travelled individual – countries visited include:- Europe, Middle East, Indian sub-continent, South East Asia, China, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Canada, Africa, North & South America & the Caribbean.

I have been involved in the travel business since birth – companies include:-

  • Bridge Travel Group – Belgium Travel Service (school holidays 1975) / Paris Travel Service (school holidays 1976)
  • Dover Street Promotions – 1984
  • Trailfinders Travel Centre – 1985- 1988
  • Bridge the World – 1989 – 2004
  • Bridge & Wickers – 2005 – 2012 (still employed)
  • The Ultimate Travel Company – ( Director since March 2012)
  • World Travel with Bridge – 2012 – (new venture since June 2012)

I would encourage you now to click straight through to my new website and if you don’t already know me, you will soon understand why people refer to me as ‘Travelman’.